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Success Coaching 


Within all of us is a desire to succeed. Success coaching is a process that helps individuals define and achieve realistic goals faster and with greater ease than would otherwise be possible.  Dreda offers professional coaching across all industry sectors helping clients and businesses reach their full potential. 

Coaching Services 

Business Coaching
By working with clients at all stages of growth Dreda help's individuals create the time and space needed to think, plan, develop and grow their business. Her aim is to help and support business owners get their businesses where they want them to be. Dreda digs deep to find what is hidden within and works closely with you to develop your vision and goals for future success.

Executive Coaching
Executive coaching is a powerful, effective and focused development tool for senior leaders which enables individuals to develop their capabilities and maximise their potential by focusing on goals aimed at increasing impact, performance and achievement.

Career Coaching 

Many clients reflect on their career and what they have achieved but deep inside may be a want or a need for change. Career coaching focuses the client - helping you move from where you are to where you want to be. By creating a clearly defined set of goals you focus yourself in the direction of change.   

Life Coaching
Have you got a deep desire to change your life. Life coaching is a brilliant tool that guides you through a series of questions allowing you to observe where you are and explore what is stopping you from achieving the change you so desire.  Dreda works closely with you to help you develop goals that will enable you to make positive changes to your life.

Small Business Start-up Coaching

Aware of the challenges faced by new business start-ups Dreda trained with Doug Richards (Dragon's Den) on the School for Creative Start-ups program.  The wealth of knowledge and experience gained around the vital business skills new business start-ups need to succeed in the digital age has enabled Dreda to add coaching for new business start-ups to the portfolio of coaching services on offer.

Style Coaching
Within many of us is a want or a need to change our professional or personal image but we can find ourselves stuck and unsure of how to move forward. Style Coaching works to develop your feelings of wanting to improve or alter how you look and feel about yourself; a combination of personal styling and life coaching Style Coaching works on both the image you see in the mirror and your internal self image.

  • Coaching Services - Coaching packages are bespoke, can take place face-2-face or delivered via telephone, Skype, email &/or instant messaging. Packages are available both one-2-one and in/or for small groups and can vary from one-off sessions to 4 - 8 sessions or more depending on desired outcome. Contact Dreda to book a no obligation free telephone consultation and explore how coaching could work for you. 

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