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Personal Styling


Women's Styling

Women all have their own styling personality which is influenced by their lifestyle and their inner selves.  This is reflected in the clothes they wear and the way they wear them.  Many women find themselves discontented with their look opening their wardrobe and thinking they have nothing to wear or constantly shopping for more of the same.

Men's Styling

The trend in men hiring a personal stylist to create a more modern and/or professional image for themselves is on the increase.  Taking pride in your appearance gives you the edge when it comes to getting what you want from life both personally and professionally.  When you feel and look good you radiate confidence.

Styling Packages  

Dreda designs styling packages that are based on your lifestyle, needs, body shape and budget. Wherever you are in life; promotion, new partner, bench mark birthday or just simply time for change, Dreda will work with you to teach you the secrets of great personal style, transforming the way you look and feel about yourself.

Personal Shop

If you buy clothes you never wear; feel nothing seems to look right on you or don’t know where to start when it comes to clothes shopping then inject energy and creativity into your shopping experience with a personal shopping day.


Prior to your shop you will have a consultation with Dreda in order to explore what you want to achieve; your personal shopping day is then tailored to your budget, body shape and requirements. Dreda researches options, identifying and selecting a selection of clothes in advance so that your time spent together is focused and productive. By identifying where to shop and what to try on next Dreda takes the strain out of shopping. During your shop Dreda will show you how to use accessorises, maximise what you purchase and share invaluable tips on how to dress stylishly and confidently. Not only will you be educated on style and where to shop but you will also learn how to save time and money.

  • Mini Personal Shop - £225 (up to 3 hrs) - suitable for small wardrobe update or specific outfits (pre-shop included in price)

  • Half Day Personal Shop - £295 (up to 4 hrs) - suitable for small/medium wardrobe update or specific outfits (pre-shop included in price)

  • Full Personal Shop - £375 - (full day) - suitable for those looking for a style overhaul including underwear fitting, clothing, footwear and accessories (pre-shop included in price)

  • Travel Expenses are 45p per mile for the return journey or a standard return train/travel fare.

Wardrobe Consultation

A wardrobe makeover begins with a personal consultation where your lifestyle, needs and image are discussed. Then working through your wardrobe Dreda identifies what works for you and what doesn’t giving you tips on how to dress for your body shape, size and style. By introducing new ways to wear the clothes in your wardrobe Dreda will show you how to be creative with your look and will then identify gaps in your wardrobe, recommending items to enhance what you have and advising on where to buy the missing pieces. 


You will be left with a streamlined, de-cluttered wardrobe where everything works for your lifestyle, body shape and image. Altering old clothes can modernise them instantly and our alteration service can have your clothes returned to you within 10 days.

  • Mini Wardrobe Consultation  - £195 (up to 3 hrs) - suitable for those with a small sized wardrobe

  • Half Day Wardrobe Consultation  - £295 (up to 5 hrs) - suitable for those with a medium sized wardrobe

  • Full Wardrobe Consultation  - £350 (full day)  - suitable for those with large wardrobe or dressing room

  • Travel Expenses are 45p per mile for the return journey or a standard return train/travel fare

Online Personal Shop

For those that don’t have time to shop and feel in need of some style inspiration Online Personal Shop is the ideal solution that allows you to be styled in the comfort of your own home.

You receive a questionnaire which you complete and send back ahead of the session.  A Skype consultation follows where we discuss your styling requirements and together agree your styling brief.  A collection of looks are designed specifically for you and links for up to 8 items are delivered straight to your inbox in a bespoke email. There will be 3-5 choices for each item. This is followed by a one hour Skype session where we review the items once received, looking in detail at the outfits and looks. We also explore what the items will go with that’s already in your wardrobe. You decide what to keep and  from there a follow up of the outfit suggestions and anything else we discussed is sent to you via email. 

  •  Online Personal Shop - £225 (all online) 

Concierge Shopping Service

The  ‘Concierge Shopping Service’ is aimed at busy high profile individuals, corporate executives and celebrity clients who don't have time to shop due to work and lifestyle commitments. It is also perfect for those who simply don’t want to fight their way through the crowds. Dreda will shop for your clothes, no matter how much or little you require, and deliver or arrange delivery of the clothes directly to you. You can try on each outfit in the comfort of your own surroundings and, if at home, with other items in your wardrobe.

  • Concierge Shopping Service - POA (bespoke packages specifically designed to meet your individual needs and budget)

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